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    Brand Guidelines

    Below are some guidelines made to ensure the integrity of the club brand. If you plan to use the logo in any other way than described below, please provide a mockup of how you intend to use the logo and send it to: post@bx3ek.no.

    Feel free to download and use any of the images listed below. Files are also available in vector-format by request. 

    However, we kindly ask that you do not:

    • Modify the colors
    • Rotate, or change the orientation
    • Alter the proportions and/or shape
    • Separate the logo elements, e.g: red circle and BX3-text.
    • Add effects or filters
    • Use older versions


    Although we are a relatively new brand in a young industry, we kindly ask you to refer to BX3 in the correct manner. 

    Correct use:

    • BX3 Elektroniske Sportsklubb (full legal name)
    • BX3 EK (Shorthandle with abbreviation)
    • BX3 (Shorthandle)

    We have also provided some of examples of how not to use our name.

    Incorrect use:

    • Bx3 Electronic sports
    • BX3 eSports
    • BX3 E-sports
    • BXIII
    • BX3 esportsclub


    Club Logo and Stationary.


    Main Club Colors - Multipurpose.

    Asset-1.png#asset:114   HEX: #9b0000    Asset-2.png#asset:115   HEX: #ff0000    Asset-3.png#asset:116   HEX: #000000    Asset-5.png#asset:118   HEX: #ffffff

    Optional Colors - used for shading, backgrounds etc.

    Asset-4.png#asset:117   HEX: #666666